Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Best bakery I can only cook the old fashioned things

This from a man in a tiny bakery in Point Chevalier named Take 5 in response to my question abou the Lancaster Lemons in the window. What drew me in was the lunchtime queue of burly workman in overalls and I was also taken with the handwritten sign on the pie warmer which said 'Do not open' a sure sign that self service was not encouraged here. The shop is a temple of delights with genuine custard pies made with cream and eggs and no nasty yellow pastry. There were tarts galore, neenish and varieties of fruit tarts. In the middle of the second row in the window was a stack of afghans with nuts in and a swirl of chocolate on the top.

All the baked goods are stacked neatly in the window with a few flaky pastry apple turnovers inside. As for the man he is a modern wonder, an anachronism really and his cooking is divine.

Pay him a visit - for two custard pies and a Lancaster Lemon he only wants $5.20. You don't need to wear overalls.