Monday, October 27, 2008

Well helllllooooooooooooooo

Yep, back again after a short reprise/ trip back/ deja vu to Renovationland where happy times were spent sleeping in the lounge to avoid the polyurethane fumes from the newly done floors in another part of the house. When will it end you ask? Quite soon I think and my fingers are crossed just to make sure.

Garden is ahumming with tomato plants in and basil seeds planted. Labour day has been sunny and a quick culturetrip was had to the Walters Art Prize finalists at the New Art Gallery. I'm not picking the winner, although Lisa Reihana is a popular choice among the viewers.

Looking to survive the New Austerity? Watch this space to enjoy tips to survive - nay enjoy - the Credit Crunch.

Tip 1 Flirt with thrift, trying saying 'Hmmm, maybe later'
Tip 2 Embrace kerbside recycling - put stuff out and make someone else happy!

Don't forget to vote and for goodness sake think about it. Who wants three years of Mr Ambiguity and don't give me that 'time for a change' rap? It ain't beach cricket, it's your services and infrastructure.

Anorak moment - who said the title statement in which TV series? Character or actor required and bonus points for the situation.