Friday, July 29, 2011

Constellation prize

When I was a kid

Selwyn Toogood used to travel
New Zealand bringing his show
'It's in the Bag'
to small towns like the one I grew up in.

There was a big prize
usually a trip to Honolulu
which sounded so foreign,
exotic and glamorous.

Even now I am thrilled
to imagine Honolulu
from the perspective of
my landlocked childhood self.

The constellation prizes
were a consolation
for missing out on
The Big One

glamorous whiteware
labour saving devices
of every description
in those giddy post postwar times.

This constellation prize I bought myself
a reward for enduring
the coldest tiny movie theatre
watching a French film

Romain Duris did not keep me warm
but these antique glass earrings
warmed my spirit.

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Oh so lovely!

Although I was captivated by these crazy-ass height adjusters online, I went for these more conventional laced up beauties from the local shoe shop which were ON SALE too.

Friday, July 22, 2011

Going to New York

Yes well here we are in July already already which means that I am one year older and that it is winter and the school holidays. This added up to the need to GO OUT in Nature and take in some art as well.

Here is some manicured nature outside the window of the Pah Homestead.
To get inside, number three son and I bravely walked around the building from the car park. He was back from warmer climes and looked resolute but frozen by the time we battled our way through the brisk breeze.

I wore wollen dress, cashmere coat and scarf so found it more thrilling than chilling. There is only one entrance and it is not at the top of the steps in my snap. Go figure!

Thanks Toss, love your work.

Going arting at this grand restored house was a little fraught as I was so alarmed at their hectic website that I did not look for the opening hours. After all - who closes at 3pm on a week day in the holidays?? Yep, you got it.
There is a silver lining to this cloudy tale as we lucked into a screening of 'Bill Cunningham's New York' in a gorgeous setting in Dominion Road.

..and this is the story of how I went to New York for my birthday.