Thursday, December 29, 2011

Happy New Year 2012

Open to offers

It may or may not be over your head
It may get tricky
It may surprise you

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Hey hey holidays

I have just spent a week in Wellington with family and friends and had a wonderful time. This goes some way to describing just what I did on my holiday.

The Swim Meet

This was an entirely new experience for me - the whiff of chlorine, mandatory goggles and caps, no divas and wooden clapping blocks to start each race.

Diving in

Going like the clappers

After the race

Kindergarten Christmas Concert

This was such a misty eyed event that there are no snaps and you will have to imagine the assembled mini Santas and superheroes along with some very fine party dresses and saris.  This person was all ready to sing her heart out.

 ... and eat some of the MASSIVE feed afterwards.


I spent a lot of time on suburban trains some days four trips to take the two girls to school and bring them back home.  All went well apart from the now legendary time when Ms 8 and I were so captivated by the charming French family opposite that we both missed our stop and went all the way to Wellington.  I also walked a surprising amount both in the city, around local footpaths and in the Otari-Wilton bush.

There was also one magic night galloping alongside a tall person using crutches to try and make the train to Johnsonville.  Didn't make it.  We were able to fossick around in the Tardis of the New World Metro at the station.  Great liquorice allsorts, ate the lot because we needed the energy after the manic walking.


No surprises that this happened and included delights from the Nada bakery in J'ville, breakfast at Floyds in Island Bay, the best pizzas crafted in Crofton Downs, kebabs in town and a glass of fizz at the hairdressers.  Coffee at Mojos, coffee at Mojos.


They were the whole point.

Proud parents  awwwwwwwww

An uncle and an aunty.  One has a stylish haircut and the other has crutches for a sprained ankle, you guess.

Mery Xmas to you and yours and best wishes for good times, good health and good fortune.