Friday, November 27, 2009

Zebby goes to Ritaland

Yes well it's been a few Japanese Slippers and far too much work since there was a post so here is a little holiday magic.

Been hit by a few philosophical dislocations lately, the main one being the old cliche about 'valuing diversity'. This is heard a lot in educational circles and, surprise surprise, it isn't true.

Diversity may well be valued as a concept but in practice it seems that we like to be surrounded by those who are similar to ourselves and turn feral when someone different turns up. No longer the comfort of strangers but of the familiar. I think that this grouping together is a recessionary response similar to frontier wagon circling.

Was Da Vinci a team player?

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Beggar off buskers!

This notice has recently been put up in the entrance to the Pt Chev mall.

It sucks the joy out of life to see this in my neighbourhood which is made up of people who are damaged and deranged, those on the way up, those on the way down and those treading water. The quality of busking was wildly variable from the great Maori guy with the fabulous voice to kids raising money for more violin lessons but - that's the point. If you don't like their work you don't give them any money.

Now for the beggars - same diff, they may try to bum a fag or get some cash for drinks but they don't get ugly when you say 'Thank you, no' when invited to contribute.

Steve Braunias has written more eloquently in the SSTimes about the Pt Chev mall and its people and commented on the sign.

But it's still there. Suggestions please.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Snapper or cutter?

I am talking about asparagus and will get to the horses later.

If you are a snapper you snap off the ends and if you are a snipper you cut them where you think they stop being fibrous and where they start being succulent. I'm a snapper. How about you?

Here's a recipe which is more like a protocol than a recipe, I'll get back to the horses after that.

Bunch of asparagus
streaky bacon
evo (extra virgin you know the rest)

Snap asparagus until they are succulent
Wrap in streaky bacon
Drizzle over evo

How long? Not that long, just trust your nose, they will smell done and it isn't very long at all. Do not leave the kitchen to play guitar, write your blog or practise belly dancing or you will miss it.

The horses are from Helensville and are charming and were not at all involved in the Melbourne Cup. They look a bit fey but are just playing hard to get. When you do get them they have velvety noses and smell gorgeous.

Prize for name for the asparagus protocol.