Saturday, August 28, 2010

Double whammy

Sometimes you get lucky. As I drove home from work last week another car, pursued by the police, crossed the centre line and smacked into me. I am fine but my car is not.

Timing could have been worse too, just around 5pm turning into West End Road with other commuters behind and in front. I was towed by GHL Recovery and Salvage and his wife gave me a lift home too. The panelbeaters at A1 Autofinish have her now. Haven't heard from the police although I did crack and phone Central to get a file number at about 10pm the night of the accident so I could make an insurance claim.
I did consider speeding along Great North Road to get their attention but decided against it.

That same night a couple driving home from the gym in Christchurch were not so lucky and were killed in a different police pursuit. Time to review the protocol.
Now for something more uplifting, thanks Nature for this beautiful sunrise.

Sunday, August 08, 2010

Any other princesses out there?

This is for all of you.
It is parked in Wellington and this was taken after a wonderful dinner which started with a superb elderflower martini at Floriditas.
My son visited some weeks later and the bedroom was still there. He didn't have the martini so it is not essential.
Tell me a story about it!

See gull on holiday

Let's start the holiday snaps with something reverent.

Kirking around revelling in the vaulted ceilings, they don't make 'em like that any more.

Gull likes to sit on Robbie Burns head and give him a cowlick you would never want.

Then flies off to look for ... fish I expect.

One Moeraki boulder and if you really care, I have plenty more snaps which I could show you on a slow winter whisky evening.

I grew up in the King Country a long way from the sea. I love crashing waves like these at St Clair beach. Look really carefully and you may see a wet suited surfer just on the brink of THE BIG ONE!