Saturday, August 30, 2008

Been a long time, been a long time

...since I put anything up here and today is the day to start the trip back from Renovationland which has been dusty, dirty and weird but with some surprises.

Oh yeah, like what?
  • The generosity of others - an apartment to live in while the worst of it was happening and other offers. Thanks guys!
  • The old zen of becoming increasingly aware of not needing so much, not so much space, not so many things and not so many clothes, although I don't know how long that might last.
Of course it isn't finished yet but it is getting much closer. We live mainly in one room and picnic in the front room at an outdoor setting for two. All the essential working parts of the house; bathroom, toilet, kitchen and laundry are all fine. Pictures soon, yes really.

For a bit of fun we went out to Sal Rose for their Italian Long Table Dinner last night and feasted on fabulous food, met some wonderful people and were amazed by the opera singing waitstaff. A great night out in Mt Albert, highly recommended.