Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It's so big it has sculpture and very tired people.

Big buildings, gosh what is that one to the left of the middle?

I see now.

Well although I have had a car written off and a house ransacked I have not been as comprehensively done over as investors in South Canterbury Finance. This building is in my big city and I can imagine that it will soon be renamed or torn down or even more likely, turned into apartments.

My big citywhich is about to become a supercity although I am less sure of what that is. Perhaps something like the picture above, lots of glitz and BIGNESS and one old building left at the centre. A bit like a caramel in amongst more trendy ephemeral chocolate treats. Read about a campaign to save the St James theatre here in Norkland. It was a brilliant space and the Film Festival used to be held there. More recently I saw Gilliam Welch and Dave Rawlings and it was faded but still fabulous. Bring her back I say!

Cheers to General Store at 54 Customs Street who have a Happy Hour from 3-6pm on a Saturday. Roaring Meg and a stonkingly good time. Go there. They are very pleasant.