Monday, February 15, 2010

Firmly fermee and overwrought

Travelling is a delicate mix of planning and serendipity, of sallying forth and being open to new experiences, of taking 'the road less travelled' and so on. Other times it is about having a plan which doesn't work out TWICE in one day.

We missed Bonaparte.

Tantalising view of what might have been and we had two euros worth of map to help us find Many Famous Dead People. Jim Morrison would have been turning in his grave as the crestfallen punters were firmly shut out.

The bars were still open. Magic!

Gallicentric universe

She is gorgeous and beautiful even if you can't get to the top balcony and she glows in the dark! Yes well, this is a backward glance shot.

Taking care not to get too close to the edge exclaiming "Wow' and other profundities. A vertiginous experience for some with one handed pointing, the other hand clinging.

A swivel ...and another gasp

Swivel the other way.