Tuesday, July 11, 2006

'We're killing our kids - here!'

Collateral for the Dead Kidz campaign
  • Fast arty montage of as series of shots of any number of sunny scenic Aotearoa/New Zealand locations using the tagline "We're killing our kids - here!" for a new twist on the swinelager campaign. Free postcards in bars and cafes as collateral.
  • Similar series in more urban locations, low rent look, no sunshine shots, suggest state house area, running dogs, car bodies hip hop soundtrtack over same tagline "We're killing our kidz - here. Bit cliched but some may think it's edgy. Good opportunity to link in with CD collateral.
  • Grittier urban realism film noir in Picasso black and bruises, tagline rendered by known graf artists such as these guys. Radically chic and arty, may appeal to bankers. Limited edition graf prints collateral.
  • Contrast montage of high end suburbs with whiny but thoughful soundtrack and pix of those cute as kids with some evidential numbers overprinted. Get some figures from someone who cares. Excellent opportunity for ailing telcos to gain some community credibility.
  • Something for the more sports oriented audience - Headline "Our All Blacks are great but we are only third in the OECD countries for child abuse! What do we need to do to come first?" Could make reasonable print column in the Sundays. Alternatively use headline "Jerry Collins didn't get the bash from his dad for pissing on the field" or "Headbutts make for dialogue - non!" to be code inclusive.
  • This one has been done before for youth suicide but it is still a winner. Stage Fight for Life boxing event with celebrities bashing one another to draw attention to child abuse in Aotearoa/New Zealand. Potential for brain damage gives this one genuine long term clout.
And I haven't even ventured into animation. Any ideas?

If all this was far too serious then take a break and have another latte.

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Lips, latte and lemons

This is for all those lipstickers out there who are searching for a longer lasting lippie which doesn't cost so much money that the purchase involves not eating for a week or two. It is the Boots No 7 Stay Perfect range and only $22.95. Your lips will not dry out and your colour stays put through any eating which you can now afford to do.

In line with occasional food meanderings from Point Chevalier the fabulous Cafe Latte folks are away until August the 1st which means no more steaming bowls of mussels and other delights. Venture down to Grey Lynn to the coffee roasters because the wonderful proprieter there produces the best ever lemon cheesecake with almonds in the base, baked cream cheese in the middle and home made lemon curd on top. No it's not cheap but we all like it because it is sold out very early in the day - dammit. She doesn't open on Mondays either if you are resolving to leave the duvet early next week.