Saturday, May 08, 2010

Wellington, ah yes

Stayed here at The Cambridge Hotel last weekend and a fine time was had by all especially the bloke who kept knocking on the door looking for Vince at about 5 in the morning. It was a bit Cheech and Chong but otherwise everything was lovely and the ensuite had BATHROOM written on the frosted door to stave off any confusion that it may have been a closet with a shower, toilet and basin in it.

Queen Victoria kept a stern eye on the goings on in Courtney Place.

This is in Petone should you ever need the Tongan High Commission. Also in Petone is a fine ladies' dress shop where I bought a pair of black pants which I wore on Friday. Yes, I had to have them taken up since I left my Husqvarna on the kerb for someone else to love.

This is Otis Hall's painting of one of Wellington's icons and I like it very much. It was above the bed in our room at The Cambridge and there were more pictures from the school that he went to around the place.

Went to Home by Christmas by Gaylene Preston at the Embassy. Recommended.

Due to rips in the fabric of time and changes in circumstances we won't be coming to live in Wellington as soon as we had hoped but we will still visit so lock your spare room!

Lovely city, lovely times with lovely people.