Thursday, April 05, 2012

Cracked but not broken - end of term.

Here is a favourite cup and saucer which was given to me by Shirley who lives in Port Waikato.  It was after a happy overnight stay with her.  I wrapped it in clothes and tenderly packed it.  Got home and in a woolly dog rush of enthusiam tipped out the contents of the bag.

Cracked but not broken.

A bit like all of us at one time or another but it is Good Friday with clear blue skies, hot cross buns and a day of pure idleness ahead.  Oh yeah,the beginning of the school holidays too full of promise with lists and reading to catch up on.  For Easter I am reading Roger Ebert's Life Itself and Martin Edmond's Dark Night Walking with McCahon.  The latter is a follow up to my visit to the McCahon cottage in French Bay which was a wonderful experience.

This is from outside and catches some of the second growth bush around.  What you need to imagine is the birdsong and the sound of fat wood pigeons gorging themselves on the puriri tree.

The deck was the party space, with lots of 'dally plonk' being drunk.  At least one person fell off it into the bush below. 

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